Things To Know About Your Event Rental
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If you are reading this, you have booked an event rental. 

Here are a couple of reminders to make sure everything goes smoothly:

CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposits are non-refundable and guarantee your rentals for the day of your event. Rescheduling options are only due to inclement weather, and sufficient notice must be given – before 9am the day before your event. You can view our whole weather and cancellation policy here:

REMAINING BALANCE: If you only paid the deposit for your rental, the remaining balance is due before set up. You can pay the remaining balance by card, or you can pay cash at delivery and save 5% by avoiding the surcharge. Please let us know when we reach out how you plan to pay so there are no delays in delivery. We will reach out to you the week of your event to verify and confirm all order details. 

DELIVERY AND PICK-UPS: The time you entered into your quote/order is the time we are guaranteed to have the inflatable up and running by. We start our delivery routes at 7am so we will arrive to set up your inflatable sometime between 7am until one hour prior to the event start time to deliver.

Example: If your party starts at 2pm, you will select 2pm as the start time. We guarantee that the crew will arrive to set up your inflatable between 7am and 1pm. 

The end time on your event is the time you are guaranteed the inflatable/items until. Our latest pickup time is 6pm due to the early darkness and safety of our drivers. Any event that ends after the 6pm end time will have to be booked with the overnight option and picked up the following morning. (check our coupon offers for an overnight special offer!)

If you are booking overnight please put 7am for pick up time for the next morning, the inflatable will be picked up sometime after 7am the next morning. Please turn the water off before deflating the inflatable for the night. The next morning, please re-inflate it early in the morning to give it time to dry and to have it ready for the crew to inspect and clean it before rolling it up. 

All weekend rentals will be delivered on Friday before 6pm and picked back up Monday sometime after 7am. Please turn the water off before deflating the inflatable each night. On Monday morning please re-inflate it early in the morning to give it time to dry, and to have it ready for the crew to inspect and clean it before rolling it up. 

If your event is in a public area, like a park or church, you can not rent overnight, and the inflatable will be picked up at the conclusion of your event. This can not be later than 6pm. 

Tables, chairs, tents, yard games, and all other party supplies must be rented with an inflatable to be delivered. Otherwise, it is the customer’s responsibility to pick up and drop off. Drop off is the same evening.

FOAM PARTIES: Please have a site selected within 100 ft of both water and power (we have cords and a hose!). We will arrive to set up your foam party approximately one hour prior to the event start time. Please ensure that our staff has a place to park as close to the setup area as possible and has a clear path to the area.

INFLATABLES: Our inflatables are sometimes wet when they are delivered due to cleaning and the frequency of rain in the Cleveland area. Our early deliveries ensure time for the inflatable to dry before your event. 

GRASS: Please ensure your grass is cut no later than two days before we set up. Please ensure all animal waste is cleaned up from the yard. Failure to properly prep your lawn will incur a cleaning fee

TABLES AND CHAIRS: If you are renting tables and chairs, they will be delivered to your yard. Our crew does not typically set them up; otherwise, we get behind on other deliveries. We will stack the tables and chairs for you and would appreciate it if you had them stacked the same way when we picked them up.  

SPACE: Please measure your setup area to ensure everything will fit, as we can not be responsible if there is not enough room for your selected rental. We also need a 36in wide path to the setup area, including gates and doors. We can not take inflatables up or down stairs

POWER: You are responsible for ensuring that there are enough power outlets (and power) within 50 feet of your set-up area. If you are renting a bounce house, typically, one regular wall outlet will do the job. 

STAKES: We drive stakes into the ground to secure most equipment. Please mark any sprinkler or utility lines. We are not responsible for any damage to sprinkler systems on the property due to stakes or staking. If you have a sprinkler system, please let us know where not to stake. You MUST call 811 at least 48 hours prior to your event. More info here:

PARKS: If your event is at a park, you are responsible for contacting us to ensure you have the proper permits and certificate of insurance. Most parks require a general permit and a special use permit for inflatables, generators, tents, etc. Verify this info with the park and city hall and ensure we can use stakes to secure the equipment to the ground. 

GENERATORS: We deliver our generator rentals filled with gas as a courtesy. You are responsible for checking the gas level every hour and adding gas if needed. 

LEAVING EQUIPMENT: Equipment can not be left unattended. You will be liable for any theft or damage that occurs to the equipment if it is left unattended, and your damage waiver will be void (if applicable). This also means that if your event is at a park, you can not leave the park before we pick up the equipment. 

PROHIBITED ITEMS: No use of any, or other type of sand, soap, baby oil, lotion, fireworks, candy, food, soda, face paint, or silly string on or around inflatables. (Silly String will melt the vinyl and cause serious damage, Face Paint will stain it). A $150-$750 per unit cleaning fee will be charged to the customer if the use of any of these types of items are found on or in the units.   In the event that silly string or face paint is found on our around the unit the customer must be aware that the unit could be stained and need to be replaced.  Repair and Replacement Costs of the Unit with Silly String or Face Paint will be at the customer’s expense.

If you have any questions, please call or text us at (216) 545-0333. Otherwise, we will see you soon!